Yu-Chi Lai

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Chih-Yuan Yao

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

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Resolution Independent Real-Time Vector Embedded Mesh for Animation


High resolution textures are determinant for high rendering quality in gaming and movie industries, but burdens in memory usage, data transmission bandwidth, and rendering efficiency. Therefore, it is desirable to shade 3D objects with vector images such as Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) for compactness and resolution independence. However, complicated geometry structure and high rendering cost limit the rendering effectiveness and efficiency of vector texturing techniques. In order to overcome these limitations, this work proposes a real-time resolution independent vector-embedded shading method for 3D animated objects. Our system first decomposes a vector image consisting of layered close coloring regions into unifying-coloring units for mesh retriangulation and 1-D coloring texture construction where where coloring denotes color determination for a point based on an intermediate medium such as a raster/vector image, unifying denotes the usage of the same set of operations, and unifying-coloring denotes coloring with the same color computation operations. We then embed the coloring information and distances to enclosed unit boundaries into retriangulated vertices to minimize embedded information, localize vertex-embedded shading data, remove overdrawing inefficiency, and ensure fixed-length shading instructions for data compactness and avoidance of indirect memory accessing and complex programming structures when using other shading and texturing schemes. Furthermore, stroking is the process of laying down a fixed-width pen-centered element along connected curves, and our system also decomposes these curves into segments using their curve-mesh intersections and embeds their control vertices as well as their widths into the intersected triangles to avoid expensive distance computation. Overall speaking, our algorithm enables high-quality real-time GPU-based coloring for real-time 3D animation rendering through our efficient SVG-embedded rendering pipeline while using a small amount of texture memory and transmission bandwidth.



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